The Business Coaching Foundation

The Business Coaching Foundation

The Business Coaching Foundation has been providing business coaching, executive coaching, mentoring, team building and training to individuals and organisations of all sizes for over 15 years now.

Their philosophy has always been that the coaching and team building sessions have to provide real benefits which can be applied when back in the workplace. Right from the beginning, whether working on a promotion with someone, getting a board of directors to work in harmony, increasing productivity, increased sales, reducing attrition rates, or just getting someone's mojo back; the results were constant and measurable.

The early foundations are still exceptionally vital today, and are:

  • The course had to be pragmatic - Delegates needed to be able to take the models and be able to use them straight away, back in the workplace.

  • The course had to be succinct - Busy people had no time to waste so there was to be no fluff or padding! Just cut to the chase and share the elements that business people really want, that will help to achieve results.

  • The course had to be run by real business coaches - None of this "I read in a book somewhere...". With a real business coach up front, real examples and ideas/experiences could be introduced.

  • The course had to be validated - The link with the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) keeps the standards high and the delegates' qualification relevant. The ILM-accredited coaching courses mean you can be assured of the highest possible standards and course content.

  • The course had to be meaningful - The Business Coaching Foundation still ask that you bring real work issues with you that can be worked through on the course.

  • To date, literally thousands of individuals have been through the Business Coaching Foundation. Telephone 0844 800 3295 to discuss your requirements.