Business Coaching for Maximising Performance

Why Provide Business Coaching?

Providing business coaching to employees can result in significant performance gains, in terms of them becoming more effective at achieving the targets and objectives of their employer. People are an organisation's strongest asset, which means that having dedicated, competent and highly effective employees can prove to be the difference between a company achieving success or suffering financial failure.

It is highly improbable though that an employee will join the company and be 100% proficient in everything that is demanded from them. Even if they are, there is likely to be some issue during their tenure which arises and prevents the person from working at maximum effectiveness. If they cannot deal with it themselves, business coaching can be utilised to assist. Coaching can also prepare employees for future events which may have a negative impact upon their output, helping them to overcome or even avoid them entirely before they have a chance to impact their performance in the workplace.

Combining Business Coaching and Training

Combining business coaching with training and development courses provides quick results

Business coaching is frequently combined with training courses in order to provide the maximum benefit. Despite business coaching and training courses having the same ultimate objective, i.e. the development of individuals, they both arrive at this objective in differing ways. Training courses teach new information or refresh existing knowledge, whilst in business coaching an experienced coach works with the individual to identify and overcome problems and issues. Little or no new information is taught during a business coaching session, but instead issues are addressed so that existing knowledge can be used to much greater effect. This is why providing both coaching and training in conjunction with each other can produce such spectacular results in terms of maximising the achievements and effectiveness of employees.

Development can progress at a terrific speed when both methods are utilised at the same time in order to complement the benefits provided by the other, meaning that the employee can begin directing maximum effectiveness towards their job role that much sooner. From a manager's point of view, the sooner this increased effectiveness is applied to the workplace responsibilities, the better it will be for the company and the fulfilment of its objectives. Managers need to be aware that additional responsibility provided through job enrichment for example, if this is one such issue holding the employe back at work, needs to be combined with increased authority in order to have the desired effect rather then the opposite.


On its own, business coaching can provide tremendous improvements to the effectiveness of an employee in the workplace. It provides a forum for them to discuss openly the problems and issues which are holding them back and limiting their success. The support, help and guidance of an experienced business coach can prove invaluable and highly effectual for increasing the effectiveness of an employee or manager in the workplace. However, when combined with relevant training courses which provide additional information or refresh existing knowledge, an individual's development can be accelerated greatly. Busines coaching is suitable for everyone, and just as a lack of training can seriously hamper productivity, business coaching is a vital component of bringing about a truly effective workforce.