Focusing on Specific Problems in Business Coaching

Vagueness and confusion are two of the most damaging influences upon poor performance within a business. Having employees, or even managers for that matter, who do not have a clear idea of their responsibilities and what is expected of them will result in significantly reduced levels of achievement of the company's goals. This is where business coaching can be of tremendous benefit as the sessions will provide a one-to-one opportunity for discussions about the role and, perhaps just as important, identification of the issues that are preventing them from maximising their potential and effectiveness within the organisation.

The Importance of Focus During a Business Coaching Session

Without a focus upon specific problems, a business coaching and mentoring meeting can end up moving along in a haphazard fashion, jumping from one situation and concern to the next without any structure. In so doing, the links between them and how they relate to each other are likely to be missed, not to mention negating a much more effective method of tackling and overcoming the issues as would otherwise be enjoyed were the problems identified and discussed in a concentrated, focused manner.

Business Coaching and Time Restrictions

Time constraints can make business coaching more suitable than training courses

Focusing on specific problems also makes maximum use of the time available. This amount of time will often be short in order to fit around an individual's workplace commitments. One of the great strengths of business coaching over traditional training courses is the ability to schedule one-to-one sessions around the obligations of the person, rather than telling them that they must attend a training course at an exact time on a specific day no matter what they would otherwise have scheduled in their diary.

Executive coaching provided to senior managers and directors is likely to be even more time critical as these busy individuals will have very little spare time available in their days with which to attend coaching, training or other such professional development opportunity. Consequently, every minute counts as there may be a long time before the executive can find more time for the next meeting. The coach or mentor needs therefore to ensure that the entire appointment is kept on-track at all times, maintaining its relevancy and focusing entirely upon the issues and problems which are afflicting the manager or director.


Focus and clear objectives are therefore critically important both during a business coaching session itself, and for the individual as they go about their job role. Without focus, confusion will reign and time will be wasted which could otherwise have been better spent in fulfilling the goals and objectives of the company.