Health & Safety Training and Business Coaching


The subjects of business coaching and health & safety training are often considered as two very different topics. In fact, many large corporations have separate people in charge of health and safety and these "soft skills" such as management development, sales skills, or the provisioning of business coaching to employees (or themselves). Even though both areas fall under the umbrella term of training and development, for some reason they are often seen as entirely separate entities which strangely cannot be organised or even contemplated by the same person or department.

A Fear of Health and Safety

One reason for such a distinction is that when the majority of people hear the term health and safety they immediately think of seemingly-scary topics like complex legislation, regulatory processes, detailed risk assessments, litigation banana skins etc. As an unfortunate consequence, many view health and safety as something which needs to be complied with, rather than viewing it as a feature which can be used to improve the performance and effectiveness of the workforce in exactly the same way as soft skills training does.

A Dangerous Workplace can Create Poor Motivation

Health and Safety Training Class

Workers who feel unsafe in the workplace will often be demotivated, and those who are injured or made all as a result of their workplace activities will require time off work which will negatively impact output. This can more than offset any gains that may have been made from spending on management or sales training, which defeats the whole purpose of staff development and culminates in a lot of wasted time and money.

Therefore health and safety training needs to be viewed alongside soft skills training and business coaching as a method of improving staff performance and effectiveness, not as merely a means to comply with regulations and avoid potential fines or criminal prosecution. Employees who are trained in health and safety and have attended a NEBOSH General Certificate course or similar which teaches them a tremendous amount of health and safety knowledge will often find that it benefits them significantly. Not only will the information acquired on the course serve to keep them and their colleagues safer whilst at work, but the reduction of staff absence and increased morale will soon result in benefits to the financial bottom line. If you are interested in NEBOSH courses we recommend ATC Risk Management for the NEBOSH General Certificate and other health and safety courses as there is a comprehensive choice of NEBOSH and similar qualifications available. Bespoke safety training programmes can also be tailored to your company's specific requirements to really improve the entire health and safety culture of your business.

Combining Business Coaching with Health and Safety Training

Business coaching sessions can also be utilised for the identification of health, safety and well-being issues. Whilst managers have a responsibility for identifying hazards and taking appropriate action before it results in an injury or illness to an employee or member of the public, they also need assistance from their workers to bring to their attention any potential dangers which they discover. Normally, employees may be too afraid or intimidated to knock on a manager's door and tell them of their findings, especially if it can sound like a criticism of the company's existing policies, but business coaching will provide them with a perfect opportunity to make clear their concerns.


Employees who feel both safe in their place of work, and are highly trained in personal and professional development areas such as management skills and teamworking for example will create a powerful and effective workforce which will have a much greater chance of achieving the organisation's overall objectives.