NEBOSH General Certificate

Just as business coaching can be employed to improve the performance of managers and employees in areas such as leadership and teamworking, health and safety training is crucial for a successful business with highly motivated workers. This page looks at the NEBOSH General Certificate, which is one of the most popular and recognised health and safety qualifications available today.

What is the NEBOSH General Certificate?

A NEBOSH General Certificate course provides a lot of information

Anyone who has done some research into what health and safety qualifications are available is likely to have heard of the NEBOSH General Certificate. Not only is it suitable for those individuals seeking to advance their careers specifically in the health and safety industry, but attending the course is extremely beneficial for employees in a workplace to make them more aware of potential dangers and hazards which may be present.

NEBOSH General Certificate is the more commonly used abbreviation of the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. It is a health and safety qualification accredited by NEBOSH, which stands for the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. Only health and safety training providers who have been accredited by NEBOSH are authorised to provide the NEBOSH General Certificate or indeed any other NEBOSH courses such as the NEBOSH National Diploma or the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate for example.

The NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus

The course is so popular not only due to the fact that only accredited training providers can offer the course, thus helping to ensure the quality of the teaching, but primarily because of the sheer quantity and breadth of information taught during the course.

The NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus covers information on numerous topics that are potential hazards in the vast majority of workplaces. Examples include fire dangers, hazardous substances, electrical safety, working at heights and many more issues which could impact the health, safety and well-being of all those on the site, as well as those members of the public in the near vicinity. The course will also touch on other related topics including environmental awareness and applicable safety legislation.

Who is the NEBOSH General Certificate Suitable For?

Despite the General Certificate being a comprehensive health and safety qualification, it is intended to be suitable for all, including those who have little or no previous safety experience and/or have never taken a health and safety course in the past. Unlike the NEBOSH Diploma qualification, which relies on a high-level of existing knowledge and significant elements of self-study, those attending a NEBOSH General Certificate course will learn all they need to know to pass the examinations and work-based project at the conclusion. There will definitely still be a need to put in a lot of revision time outside of the classroom hours, but students will not need to go off and find things on their own which have not been taught during the training. In the same way that business coaching is suitable for all, so too will the NEBOSH General Certificate.

What will the NEBOSH General Certificate Give Me or my Employees?

Those who attend a whole NEBOSH General Certificate course and pass the assessments will achieve a qualification which is highly respected throughout the UK and indeed the world. Not only will it facilitate a much safer place of work with far less potential for accidents and incidents, but will assist in progression onto other health and safety courses. For some this will be stepping up to the highly sought-after NEBOSH National Diploma qualification, which will require a lot of time and effort but is well worth it for those who can successfully achieve it. Others will specialise into certain areas of safety and health after obtaining the General Certificate such as in fire safety, construction safety or corporate environmental responsibilities.


Unlike business coaching which does not teach individuals any new information, training courses do. As we have already seen in the article Business Coaching and Training Courses, business coaching or training sessions can provide benefits on their own, but when combined together produce powerful results in professional development. Providing health and safety training to workers will not only satisfy any legal requirements, but will also serve to create a motivated workforce who feel safe and respected.

Not only will there be a need for training sessions that are tailored to the specific risks which employees may encounter, but putting employees through NEBOSH General Certificate courses will significantly increase their understanding of health and safety risks and dangers. Combined with business coaching, a truly safe and well-functioning organisation can be established.