Metaphorical Barriers to Progress

Overcoming barriers with business coaching

Two Types of Barriers

Barriers and hurdles come in two forms: those that can be seen and those that cannot. Often those that can be seen are the easiest to overcome, as solutions to how to get around them or move them out of the way can be clear, even if it would require some effort to achieve. Those that cannot be seen - metaphorical barriers which are invisible to the eye - are those which involve emotions, relationships, the corporate hierarchy and chain of command within the business... all of these can have just as much of an effect (and sometimes more so) on preventing progress and working to full capability as any physical barrier will have.

Metaphorical barriers will often be difficult for an individual to overcome by themselves without assistance, but because they cannot be seen the need for help will not be obvious in most cases to the manager of a business unless it is brought specifically to their attention. The individual employee may have been struggling on their own for weeks, months or even years either trying to overcome these challenges, or simply accepting this level of performance and not trying to improve at all.

Training Courses is Often Not Enough

Barriers and problems can cause frustration for workers

Even putting the employee through one or more training courses may do little for improving their productivity and performance if these metaphorical barriers still exist. What the person needs is not more knowledge as will be gained from a training course, but these unseen barriers identified, addressed and overcome. This is where business coaching comes in.

Rather than teaching information and new knowledge, a business coaching session between the individual and a business coach will focus specifically on these hidden issues. By fully identifying and exploring the problems, plans for dealing with them including action plans and progress checkpoints, can be created and enacted to finally overcome them. Frequent additional meetings should be scheduled in order to evaluate progress and provide support for the employee during what will be a difficult and turbulent time which is causing major upheaval to their usual and comfortable way of working. The plan of action may need further refinement as time progresses, which can also be performed in future coaching sessions.

Benefits of Business Coaching for Overcoming Barriers

Overcoming barriers will not only make the individual feel better, but there are numerous benefits for the company, which is why the cost of business coaching can prove to be such a worthwhile investment. Having a more effective employee will significantly increase the performance of the individual or their team, making it more likely that company objectives will be achieved, either at all or in a more timely manner. A happier employee is also much less likely to seek employment with another company, thus saving a lot of money and hassle in recruitment costs.

With individuals having such different and unique learning styles, one of the main advantages of business coaching is that it is suitable for virtually everyone in terms of helping to improve their performance and effectiveness at work. Focusing on specific problems will serve to address them and come up with action plans to remove such barriers and issues to progress and efficacy. Not only can working styles and approaches be improved, but removing barriers can also significantly increase the operational efficiency of processes within the business too.