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Pansophix was founded in 2004 and has therefore been providing training and development sessions to companies and individuals for over ten years now. Corporate clients range from sole traders right through to prestigious educational institutions, and come from a diverse range of industries and sectors. Many individuals have also attended training courses and coaching sessions with Pansophix over the years, in particular coaching courses where individuals, especially line managers and supervisors, learn how to provide coaching to others such as their staff members and those they are responsible for.

Pansophix coaches also provide business coaching, executive coaching and mentoring programmes directly to managers, supervisors, directors and corporate executives. Not only does coaching and mentoring help to overcome metaphorical barriers to progression and issues which are limiting the fulfilment of maximum potential, but also have beneficial effects upon health and well-being. This is because many managers and executives feel that they have nobody to discuss problems and issues with, primarily because there is a perception that they should know everything and lead others at all times. This can lead to high levels of stress, anxiety and doubt that can quickly escalate to a point which can even cause breakdowns or other health problems.

In fact, the tremendous benefits of business and executive coaching have proven to be so great that many managers and directors choose to continue with the sessions on an ongoing, indefinite basis long after the initial problem which was the reason for them seeking out coaching in the first place has been overcome and resolved. The continued support of an experienced business coach not only serves to provide valuable advice and ideas for the manager, but also acts as reassuring support which the executive knows is there to call upon should an issue come up which causes significant disruption and upheaval.

Another side of Pansophix's business is the Useful Guides. These digital e-books cover a multitude of issues including leadership, management, personal development, health issues, training, and many more. They can be bought and downloaded individually, or a yearly subscription can be purchased for unlimited downloads of set numbers of guides. The subscriptions are particular popular amongst universities and educational institutions across the world, who provide access to the guides for their staff and students.

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